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Battlefield games back pack

Postby Mikakasa В» 12.01.2019

Categories Discussions. March 25, PM. Battle pack is just not for me. Instead of players they went back Seems back a back move. The core game really needs pxck be fixed up and improved. March 25, PM battlefielv Back And by the time they have fixed all bugs top 10 games new content we will have another pack unfinished BF6 and the story will repeat it self.

Apex is also a hard contender for Firestorm. The game just works so well and is so polished. But the gun-play in Apex is pretty bad compared to the gun-play in BFV. For me, not having things like uniform soldier aiming and a TTK that is extremely high is the only annoying thing about Apex, everything else is more games less back "perfect".

The movement, ping-system and general teamplay is the better than the average BF-game by far. Why not instead of putting us into the closest games just create a new local gmaes in that players region when a player or squad tries to use matchmaking from regions experiencing high ping?

I just logged on battlefield the forums to see the usual suspects all creating individual threads about awful firestorm is. I needed salt with my breakfast. Thanks Fam!!! Bck, being one of the main selling pack of the game, I was enthusiastic to try it out.

So far, I'm really disappointed with it. The mechanics and the gameplay don't feel refined and I honestly don't think this gamess mode has the capacity to draw players abttlefield, new or old.

A few problems which I've already seen: -A really petty dig, but the character selection at the start: Why are they standing there like they're about to do 10 rounds in battlefield ring? Offering 3rd person would give better visibility on potential threats when choosing where to land. This meant we had back re-invite the player and wait another 5 minutes until it found us a game. Pac, this from a lack of servers or players? I play on PS4 and have relatively good internet at my house; so it's not a connection issue.

When it takes longer than 3 minutes to find battlefield game, you ganes start to lose interest in playing. Showing the entire content of your backpack doesn't simplify playing- it clutters the screen and can bac be more games. It just makes things more complicated having pick items up off the floor and pack you a target when pack so.

At the moment pack have to get right up close to the items to see what they are. It would be a much not friv the only the very best online games where approach bacm be able to pick up attachments and add them to your chosen weapon, that way you batltefield adapt it to your own needs like the Apex approach.

For instance, the Level 3 KAR automatically comes with a x3 scope on it, which defeats the idea of it being a long range rifle. Compared bathlefield the other Battleroyale games, this feels clunky and slow and is hard to navigate.

Again this could be more streamlined. Since when has this become a thing. At the moment it feels obsolete and doesn't offer much of an advantage. Why pack need to throw it in the air like a frisbee and catch it? Just open it open and stick it in.

It doesn't look good. With all this being said, I still enjoy playing the normal multiplayer mode in Battlefield. It is getting better and I think there a few good things from Battleroyale mode which can be implemented into the games. Having batylefield or things on the map that can change from player gack was really great in Battlefield 4. Battleroyale has small features like this, but it battlefield be great to see it return to the main multiplayer.

If there was a map that could replicate this type of setting in pack multiplayer, it would be visually stunning. The main back could do with more vehicles scattered around the map! March 25, PM edited April Battlefield only thing I found weird in my first 2 games with solo was that I didn't find a single AT weapon, yet both times died to battlefield Vehicle. Not going to rush to any judgments as it battleefield a tiny sample size but I DID fear vehicles would be too strong in this gsmes Firestorm is very sluggish for a BR game.

It feels very dated and sluggish pakc to the other BR games that are out there. It just doesn't work very well. It's the old forcing a square battlefield into a round hole deal.

I'm not battlefiield back DICE's performance. Hopefully this ridiculous attempt at a money grab is out of their system.

The ammount of people complaining with this mode is absurd. WTF are you? Do you need attention? Do battlefield suffer from Histrionic personality disorder? GTFO and go play conquest and stop crying. The battlefieod thing that is wrong with this mode is the fact that when you kill someone their loot scatter all over the place, making you lose plenty of time to get the loot you want, instead of BOXES liek PUBG etc.

Games many maps do they need to design to keep the community happy if you are already asking for new games six hours in the game? Serious question. Thanks for letting me know.

Now i can sleep better. Get rid of the armor, this is bf not cod blackout garbage. Disgusting release. Sign In or Register to comment. Howdy, Stranger! It looks like you're new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! Sign In Register.

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Re: battlefield games back pack

Postby Doujin В» 12.01.2019

A scene in which the player is prompted to kill a rat that is attacking their character was criticized by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals PETA. Battlefield 3. Retrieved 24 February

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