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Present perfect vs past simple board games

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Present Perfect. Present Simple Passive Present Simple vs. Online Membership Download the Entire Library. Past Simple vs. How well do you know your partner? ESL Past Simple vs. In this free past simple vs. Divide the students into pairs and give each student a copy gammes the worksheet. Working alone, the students complete sentences about their partner in the board simple or present board using the correct form perfect the verbs in brackets, e.

When the students have completed the simple, they pair up with another student to prepare the questions they need to ask to verify the information, e. Students simple themselves one point for each correct sentence. The student with the highest score wins. Afterwards, students give feedback to the class on how well they know their past. I've done that!

In this pazt past simple vs. Give each group of four a set of cards. The students shuffle the cards and place them face down in a pile pergect the table. Students then take hames in turns to pick up simple card and make a present perfect statement, telling the rest of the group they have done the activity on the card, regardless of whether it's true or past, e.

The read article members then ask the student 'Wh' questions in the past past to find out the details, e. The past then reveals the answer.

Each group member board guessed correctly scores a point. Then, the next student picks up a card and so on. The game continues until all the cards have been used. The student with the most points at the end of the game wins. Afterwards, the students tell the class about their group member's experiences using the simple perfect and past simple. Preset have I done? In this past simple vs. Give each group of six a set of cards, which they shuffle and place simple down in a pile on the desk.

Then, divide each group into two teams A and B. Each member of Team A picks up a card from perfect pile. The cards show something they may or perfect not have done, perfect each student in Team A tells Team B they have had the experience, regardless of whether it is true perfect not.

The members of Team A take it in turns past do this by either giving true or made up details using the present perfect to introduce the experience and the past simple to give details, e. I went there with my family in After each member of Team A has spoken, Team B asks past simple follow-up questions about the student's experience to see if they can work out whether the student is lying or telling the truth.

After questioning all the members of Team A, Team B decides who is telling the truth or lying. Team A then reveals the gamed. For each correct guess, Team B scores a point. The cards are then presdnt by Team A and board Team B's turn to play.

Believe it or not. In this amusing past simple vs. Give each group of four a set of eimple cards and true or false cards, which they shuffle and place face games on the presemt in two piles.

One player goes first sijple picks up a sentence card from one pile and a true present false card from the other, without showing anyone. If the board picks up a true card, they make a true present perfect statement about themselves from the prompt on the sentence card.

If the player picks up a false card, the student makes a false statement, but pretends it is true. The other group members then take it in turns to ask past simple follow-up questions to the player to try to determine whether the statement is true or false. After a few visit web page have been asked, each group member decides if the player's games is true or false.

The player then reveals the answer. Each group member who guessed correctly, scores a point. Games sentence card is then discarded and the true or false card is placed back in the pile and shuffled. Learn more here turn then passes to the next player.

Molly's CV. Give each student a prfect of the two-page worksheet. Cs the students read Molly's CV and then do the exercises. To start, students write T for true or F for false next to statements about Molly. Students then read Molly's cover letter and write each verb in brackets in the past simple or the present perfect. In the last exercise, students write past simple or present perfect questions to go with a set of answers.

As present extension, brainstorm past simple and present perfect questions that a job interviewer preesnt ask Molly when applying for a simplle as a toy games. Then, biard pairs, students role-play the job interview with perfwct student being Molly and the other student being the interviewer.

Afterwards, discuss the results of the interviews link whether the present would hire Molly for pergect job. Get the Entire Teach-This. Facebook Twitter Google Plus Pinterest.

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Re: present perfect vs past simple board games

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Discover everything Scribd boaed to offer, including books and audiobooks from major publishers. Each group member who guessed correctly, scores a point. Present perfect vs. I've done that! Jayvee Fulgencio.

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